“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ~ Peter Drucker

You already know that, don’t you? Of course you do. Because you take ownership and make it happen. You work hard. You accomplish great things. You create a good life for yourself. And yet, perhaps you think or feel some of the following:

  • – I can’t seem to get control of my time and I’m working too hard.
  • – Balance. What’s that?
  • – Burnout is quickly on the horizon.
  • – I need to make sure that I’m spending my time strategically and wisely.
  • – I want to be a better leader.
  • – I want to create new habits.
  • – I want to bring all of myself to my work, and all of myself to my life.
  • – I want better, stronger relationships.
  • – I want to be happier.
  • – I want to be a better listener.
  • – My people aren’t doing what I need them to do.
  • – I want to lead more and manage less.
  • – I want to create a high-performance culture.
  • – We need a strategy but no one even agrees what strategy is.
  • – We have a strategy but it’s not getting done.
  • – I have to manage some challenging conflicts.
  • – We need to change and everyone is resisting.
  • – I’m getting feedback that I need to change a behavior.
  • – I have certain beliefs and habits that are holding me back.
  • – I need to communicate and present with more impact.
  • – I need to be more influential.
  • – I am stepping into a new role or phase and need to position myself to succeed.
  • – I want to continue to innovate in the new global/digital economy.

Do you want to go from great to greater?

If so, I strongly encourage you to consider working with an executive coach who will bring a set of coaching skills and tools, specifically designed to help you address your most pressing challenges and goals. Someone who will be in your corner, pushing you, supporting you, caring for you, and helping you create an effective path toward having the impact and results you want.

The secret of success

What if I told you that it starts and ends with connection?

First, a connection and understanding of yourself. What are your strengths, values and vision? Knowing yourself is the first step.

Then connecting to your goals – the ones that make the most sense now. Today and tomorrow (not yesterday).

What’s your “big why?” Why do you do what you do, and why do you want more?

Then connecting to your choices – both the conscious and subconscious ones. Do you have any idea how many choices you make on a daily basis? Countless. And every single one of them impacts your life, work, health, happiness and success. Being consciously aware of your choices can unlock many doors that may have seemed closed.

And then the outward connections and relationships… with your work/business, your team, your customers and your personal and professions networks.

You absolutely can create a better version of work and life.

I know your struggles and pain points.  After playing on the fields of marketing, management and entrepreneurship for over 20 years, holding positions at some of the most prestigious firms in NYC and Philadelphia, I know first-hand the stresses and challenges. After speaking all over the country and coaching top executives, I know the sad truth that it is often lonely at the top.

With 7 billion people on the planet, it’s not exactly easy to figure out who is (or should be) in your inner circle. Who do you trust to tell you the truth, listen with deep presence, help you make tough decisions and challenge you to be your best?

You give your all. You work hard. You love your family and friends. You try to balance your never-ending responsibilties. And sometimes you feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place.

But imagine… Imagine you could find joy and motivation again. Imagine you could feel connection. With your choices, with your people, with your life. Imagine facing each day with renewed confidence and excitement.

I see those wishes become reality every day. Everything I do in my coaching, consulting and speaking work aims to bring more connection and conscious choice, which results in more success.

Business and life don’t exist in separate spheres.  All the things that make life wonderful – vitality, resonance, trust, presence, love, joy, fulfilling relationships, adventure, meaning – also make business more profitable and more fun.

To make important and lasting changes, you need someone in your corner. Someone with good questions, helpful reflection, strategy, compassion, encouragement and fearless honesty. Someone to help you push past your obstacles and discover how to connect with the people, processes and actions that will help you reach your goals.

I work with companies and leaders who are eager for effective solutions to their problems.  They’re ready to “level up,” and play a more conscious game. Where connection comes first, and success naturally follows. Where challenges are met with open minds and open hearts. Where you no longer feel alone, and know that you have someone on your side, with complete commitment, full attention and a customized approach to help you achieve higher levels of personal and professional success.

Here’s to more connection, less isolation. More listening, less guessing. More progress and change. More real deal, less faking. More joy and success, less stress. 


I only work with a few executive coaching clients, but if we decide to work together, here’s what you get… Someone in your corner and on your team who is:

  • * A certified executive coach who practices with a proven structure, using frameworks developed by the leaders in the fields of personal and professional development, business strategy and positive psychology.
  • * Deliberate and flexible in creating a custom approach that works best for you.
  • * Present, mindful and responsive.
  • * Committed to helping, with my full arsenal of skills, ideas and contacts.
  • * Compassionate, curious, reflective listener who will see/hear you and help you tap into wisdom and creativity that may have been dormant until now.
  • * An expert in marketing, management, sales, PR, personal and professional development, with 20+ years of experience in leadership roles.
  • * A semi health nut who will push you toward wellness.
  • * A world traveler, thrill seeker, music lover, spiritual soul, reluctant runner, gratitude and mindfulness practitioner, chocolate aficionado, WordsWithFriends addict, loyal friend and crazy-about-her-family mom, wife and daughter.



Interested in learning more? I offer a few different ways to work together…

1. Standard executive coaching package – we start with a Discovery Session, where we uncover your main issues and goals, and chart a course for the next 3 months of working together. Weekly/bi-weekly coaching sessions, and between-session e-mail and text support.  Investment: $6,000/3 months

2. 12 month package – this option is only available at certain times, since I work selectively with 5 full-year clients at a time. Includes Discovery Session, weekly coaching sessions, between-session support, and quarterly progress reviews. Investment: $20,000/year

3. VIP day – for clients who would like to spend one day (6 hours) with intense focus on creating a new vision and developing a road map of how to get from “here” to “there.” Investment: $2,000

4. Consulting – in the areas of strategy, marketing, business development, sales, engagement, customer service, culture change, relationship management and creating high-perfoming teams. Duration and fees are customized, based on project. Please take a look at my consulting page.

If you’d like to discuss any of these options, please contact me.

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Irina has a gift that few have – the ability to truly listen. She has an innate ability to respond to a client’s needs almost imperceptibly. She could tell immediately what kind of mood I was in, where my mind was and what I wanted and needed to focus on.
C.S., Writer
I had no idea how much I would benefit from coaching with Irina. Not only has my business improved, but I am a better husband, father and happier man, as a result of our work together. Her wisdom, support and consistent pushing in the right direction gave me exactly what I needed to reach my goals and create more balance, confidence and success. This is one of the best investments I have ever made. The ROI far exceeded my expectations!
R.F., Management Consultant
Irina is a soul-stirrer. She uses her coaching talents to motivate, inspire and support. She is genuine and generous – pure love. Cannot thank her enough…
A.W., Television News Anchor
Irina has truly helped me change my perspective and my approach to work and life. I have come to fully embrace the reality that I am the captain of my own ship and am now confidently charting a positive course forward. I really appreciated Irina’s warm, supportive, yet honest and assertive approach. I felt I was in very good hands throughout my time with her, and was able to quickly establish a deep level of trust with her. I highly recommend her as a coach!
T.D., Administration Director
Irina completely changed my life. She sets such high expectations for her clients that you won’t want to let her – or yourself – down. She opened me up to new perspectives, challenged me, and held me accountable until I started to take steps to live more intentionally. Thanks to Irina, I have gained such momentum that I will never stop!
J.L., Administrator
Irina’s upbeat personality is contagious. She’s smart and creative with her coaching, and expertly moves from playful to serious, with great results.
L.W., Pharmaceutical Sales Director
I’m finally understanding what I want and going after it! I feel empowered and productive in a way that I haven’t for a really long time. Thank you!!!
K.G., Healthcare executive
The skills I learned with Irina will be invaluable in nearly all aspects of my life, and I wish I had thought to engage in the process before things got out of control. Bottom line: no matter where you are or what’s going on, working with Irina will help you be more deliberate and empower you with the skills of resiliency, compassion and honesty you’ll need when life throws you for a loop.
I.M., Director & VP, Higher Education
More balance, more confidence, more financial success and better relationships… I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!
J.T., VP of Financial Services Firm