Leadership, Strategy, Organizational Development and Marketing/Sales/Service Consulting


In my consulting work with organizations, I take a variety of approaches in helping them accomplish their most pressing objectives, sometimes serving as facilitator of effective process, and other times as helpful expert. I start from the platform of process consulting – partnering with my clients to identify problems, generate creative ideas and find solutions. This process has both short-term and long-term benefit. In addition to addressing current issues, we put in place effective models for problem solving and innovation in the future.  

Consulting topics include:

* Vision, Mission & Fundamentals

* Strategic Planning

* Values and Culture

* Communication and Presentation Skills

* Leadership Skills

* Relationship Management

* Sales and Marketing

* Team Building

* Branding and UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

* Customer Engagement & Loyalty

* Management Skills

* and other customized topics


Taking into account your priorities, time frame, critical needs and budget, we can consider which structure will best serve you and your team.

Types of engagements:

Breakthrough Sessions – We spend a half day or a full day together – sleeves rolled up, lots of paper and pens, and creative ideas to help you create a plan to meet your key goals and overcome tough challenges.

Retreats – Spending 1-3 days away from the regular environment can reinvigorate a team and give them a new sense of purpose, greater understanding, closer relationships, and renewed commitment to the enterprise. Expert facilitation of important conversations, concrete goals, along with fun and bonding, are the cornerstones of an effective retreat.

Custom Consulting Projects – Combining assessment, strategy and execution, we partner together to create real impact. Organizations invest thousands of dollars on consulting and training, often achieving very little change in actual performance and results. The reasons? Packaged approaches and no ongoing support. Without a custom approach and necessary follow-up, support and accountability, new programs don’t have much of a chance of success. But we can change that.  Together, we can figure out the best-suited approaches for your organization and then use proven coaching and development programs to ensure success. We can even work with the programs you already have in place, and improve their utilization and efficacy. Custom projects typically last 6-18 months.


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Irina has a gift that few have – the ability to truly listen. She has an innate ability to respond to a client’s needs almost imperceptibly. She could tell immediately what kind of mood I was in, where my mind was and what I wanted and needed to focus on.
C.S., Writer
I had no idea how much I would benefit from coaching with Irina. Not only has my business improved, but I am a better husband, father and happier man, as a result of our work together. Her wisdom, support and consistent pushing in the right direction gave me exactly what I needed to reach my goals and create more balance, confidence and success. This is one of the best investments I have ever made. The ROI far exceeded my expectations!
R.F., Management Consultant
Irina is a soul-stirrer. She uses her coaching talents to motivate, inspire and support. She is genuine and generous – pure love. Cannot thank her enough…
A.W., Television News Anchor
Irina has truly helped me change my perspective and my approach to work and life. I have come to fully embrace the reality that I am the captain of my own ship and am now confidently charting a positive course forward. I really appreciated Irina’s warm, supportive, yet honest and assertive approach. I felt I was in very good hands throughout my time with her, and was able to quickly establish a deep level of trust with her. I highly recommend her as a coach!
T.D., Administration Director
Irina completely changed my life. She sets such high expectations for her clients that you won’t want to let her – or yourself – down. She opened me up to new perspectives, challenged me, and held me accountable until I started to take steps to live more intentionally. Thanks to Irina, I have gained such momentum that I will never stop!
J.L., Administrator
Irina’s upbeat personality is contagious. She’s smart and creative with her coaching, and expertly moves from playful to serious, with great results.
L.W., Pharmaceutical Sales Director
I’m finally understanding what I want and going after it! I feel empowered and productive in a way that I haven’t for a really long time. Thank you!!!
K.G., Healthcare executive
The skills I learned with Irina will be invaluable in nearly all aspects of my life, and I wish I had thought to engage in the process before things got out of control. Bottom line: no matter where you are or what’s going on, working with Irina will help you be more deliberate and empower you with the skills of resiliency, compassion and honesty you’ll need when life throws you for a loop.
I.M., Director & VP, Higher Education
More balance, more confidence, more financial success and better relationships… I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!
J.T., VP of Financial Services Firm