The Power of Peers


Finally. This is the book I’ve been waiting for…

This is the answer to “Why would I join an executive peer group when I’m already surrounded by such great people and resources?”

This is the answer to “Can I really find the time to participate?”

This is the answer to “What’s the ROI on something like this?”

There really is nothing like an Executive Peer Group, and the authors of this book have done a beautiful job of capturing first-hand accounts of the life-changing and business-changing impact that leaders experience as a result of belonging to such groups.

Until now, there hasn’t been a book that shows exactly why things like conferences, business books, executive coaching, leadership development programs, and courses have their place, but don’t begin to touch the ongoing business and personal benefit of peer groups.

As the authors of The Power of Peers accurately portray, “Peer Advantage is Peer Influence of a higher order…

Whether you want to double the size of your company or build an exit strategy, being around a select group of people who share your commitment to success is a transformative experience. Peer advisory groups that optimize and accelerate business growth employ five factors that are essential to the group experience and to achieving desired outcomes…

  1. Select the right peers—find true peers who share your commitment to excellence.
  2. Create a safe environment—cultivate an atmosphere that is judgment-free, inspiring open dialogue and deep learning.
  3. Utilize a smart guide—someone who can effectively facilitate the conversation.
  4. Foster valuable interaction—establish a process that encourages rich and meaningful conversation.
  5. Be accountable—honor a shared expectation that you will do what you say you will do.”

Those 5 steps really are the secret sauce of what I do with my peer groups. And the results are priceless.

  • CEO’s who no longer feel the “lonely at the top” phenomenon.
  • A safe yet challenging place where problems and opportunities are explored in depth.
  • A committed group of fellow high achievers who want nothing but the best for each other.
  • Accountability for making and executing good decisions.
  • Ongoing growth and learning. Because lifelong learning doesn’t end at a certain age or job title. We can all get better.
  • Fun. Yes, this is actually fun.
  • Friendship and support, unlike any other.


“Peer pressure” and “peer influence” are terms we’re familiar with. We’ve been influenced by peers since we were kids. It’s part of being human. But Peer Advantage takes it to a whole other level. It’s more than influence. It’s more than friendship. It’s more than collaboration. It’s the true advantage of harnessing the power of the right peers, with the right facilitator, in the right environment.

The Power of Peers pulls open the curtain and tells the story (stories) of what really happens when groups are structured, guided and used well.

If you’re a leader, this one is a must-read.

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