“A speaker with substance, style, humor and heart”


Irina’s unique background as a business strategist, executive coach, media contributor, relationship expert, story teller and trainer make her an in-demand speaker around the world. She weaves inspiring personal and professional stories together with interactive experiences that take audiences from “a ha!” to “oh yes, I can do that!”

She is passionate about sharing her unique perspectives, frameworks and strategies on leadership, marketing, sales, service, communication, productivity and change.

Whether you’re looking for a speaker for your next conference, meeting or management retreat, Irina’s thought-provoking content, action-inspiring approach and captivating style are sure to deliver impactful results.


Signature Programs

Stand in the Power of Choice

So much of life is unpredictable. Success, love, health and happiness. Sometimes we get lucky. And sometimes we don’t.

That’s where the power of choice comes in.

How will we choose to deal with adversity, challenge, failure and struggle? Who do we need to be in that moment?

Making choices is something that we all do, every day. Sometimes we do it consciously, and sometimes we do it unconsciously. This powerful and experiential presentation is filled with inspiring stories, scientific research and in-the-moment exercises to illuminate the power of choice.

Making conscious and effective choices is one of the keys to personal and professional success. By mastering this skill and standing in the power of choice, we can truly meet and exceed just about any goal we set for ourselves and our organizations.

Format: Keynote, Breakout, Half-day workshop, Full-day workshop

Audiences: Leadership, Management, Sales, Entrepreneurs, Associations, Annual Conferences


Engagement, Connection and Love… in Business

From the pizza boxes to the dry cleaning hangers, “We love our customers” signs are everywhere! But do they really love us? Really. Because we exchange money for a product or service – is that enough to qualify as love, or engagement, or connection?

Not quite enough, is it? So let’s figure out how to really own those words in our businesses. Let’s get clear, intentional and active about the topic of BizLove, first coined in Tim Sanders’ groundbreaking book, “Love is the Killer App.”

Learn how to lead with love, and watch the profit (and other metrics of success) follow. In this funny, serious and heart-felt talk, we’ll explore what it takes to truly stand out and deliver in a crowded sea of businesses screaming “We love our customers!”

Filled with many real-world examples of cautionary tales and inspiring stories, this powerful presentation will forever change how you think about and conduct business.

Format: Keynote, Breakout, Half-day workshop, Full-day workshop

Audiences: Leadership, Management, Sales, Entrepreneurs, Associations, Annual Conferences


Stop Networking, Start Connecting

Show me a room full of people who are assembled for the purpose of business networking, and I’ll show you a room full of people making mistakes and feeling disappointed with the lackluster results of their efforts.

We’re going about it all wrong. Exchanging business cards. Practicing our elevator pitch. Describing our business offerings. Sending follow-up e-mails. Adding people to our networks. How’s that working for us?

It’s not. It’s time for a change. It’s time to get honest and get real about what it takes to build rock-solid relationships with business contacts, colleagues, referral sources and clients.

In this myth-busting, eye-opening, and action-packed talk, you’ll learn the keys to connection. Real connection that produces real results. This may just be the one session that makes the rest of your conference 10x more impactful and helpful.

Format: Keynote, Breakout, Workshop

Audiences: Leadership, Management, Sales, Entrepreneurs, Associations, Annual Conferences


Maybe Yes, Maybe No – four simple words that will change your life

The only constant in life is change. At work, at home and out in the world. We know this. And yet, we struggle with change. We strive to determine if certain changes are “good” or “bad” for us. Will they move us forward? Will they provide better work-life balance? Will we make more impact, more money and more progress? With every change, comes a series of questions. What if…? How will I…? And then what will happen to…? We want the answers, and we want them now. We want to stop feeling the stress that usually accompanies the questions.

But what if there could be a different way to experience and manage change? What if every change presented a unique opportunity? What if handling change became a peaceful, interesting process of self-discovery and value-add? What could you do with all that time and energy you’ve spent worrying?

What if four simple words could change what you think and feel?

In this perspective-shifting talk, we’ll look at different life stories through the lens of “good” and “bad,” while drawing parallels to our own lives, and learn how history, attitude and viewpoints can change with just a few simple techniques.

Format: Keynote, Breakout, Workshop

Audiences: Leadership, Management, HR, Sales, Entrepreneurs, Associations, Annual Conferences


Presentation Power

Public Speaking – one of the top fears of all time. Stage fright. Performance anxiety. Shyness. And yet, we will all find ourselves in situations where we need to present our ideas. You can’t lead or influence with silence.

Your ability to stand in front of groups and deliver your message will have a huge impact on your career or business. And becoming a persuasive speaker can make the difference between reaching your goals or staying stuck.

Come learn the “secrets of the stars” – and leave this workshop with a clear understanding of:

  • Presence
  • Connection
  • Authenticity
  • Expertise
  • Speaking magic

Whether you’re trying to mesmerize a large audience or lead an important meeting, you need to be able to connect with and inspire others. You want to build trust, credibility and support/acceptance of your ideas. You want your voice to count. Let’s make it happen!

Format: Keynote, Breakout, Half-day workshop, Full-day workshop

Audiences: Leadership, Management, Sales, Entrepreneurs, HR, Associations, Annual Conferences


Effective Communication – Talk so they’ll listen; Listen so they’ll talk

How often have you felt misunderstood, frustrated and stressed about some of the most important topics that you need to communicate? Why does it seem so hard to just say what we need to say and have it be understood? And why can’t the people in our personal and professional lives just express themselves clearly and consistently?

Oh if only it were that easy! The reality is that most of us weren’t taught how to communicate well. We picked it up along the way. From our families, our friends, our colleagues and the world around us. And for the most part, it works. Except when it doesn’t. Except when we find ourselves head-shaking in disbelief and thinking “why don’t they get it?!”

There’s actually an art and science of communication. And in this interactive talk, we’ll explore and play with both – the art and the science. You’ll leave with a new understanding of what it takes to talk in a way that gets heard/understood, and what it takes to listen in a way that opens up effective communication.

Format: Keynote, Breakout, Half-day workshop

Audiences: Leadership, Management, Sales, HR, Associations, Annual Conferences


Building your Brand

What do Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Pope Francis have in common? They’re all strong brands. You know who they are and what they stand for.

Since the concept of Personal Brand was first introduced in 1993 by Tom Peters, we’ve been thinking about it and talking about it. But do you really know your own brand? If you asked a sample of your friends, colleagues, customers and contacts, would they all give a similar account of your brand?

If the answers to these questions are “no” or “not sure,” we have some work to do! In this fun, interactive session, you’ll learn the secrets of building a winning brand. It’s not about creating an artificial image, but rather about discovering and sharing what’s truly unique about you – strengths, weaknesses, values, interests and quirks – and packaging it well so that it can be used as a shareable gift, as well as a guiding north star.

You will uncover unique points of value and understand how to go about living, leading, working and marketing with your brand in mind.

Format: Keynote, Breakout, Half-day workshop, Full-day workshop

Audiences: Leadership, Management, Sales, HR, Entrepreneurs, Associations, Annual Conferences



A note from Irina

Give me a room full of people who want to have fun, learn some new things and connect with each other, and I will make sure they walk out with smiles, friends, ideas and action plans. From small events to large international stages, I’ve had the pleasure of making an impact on a variety of audiences. My speaking style is high on inspiration, interaction and implementation. What’s the point of attending a talk and simply being entertained or educated for an hour?  Been there, done that.  No thanks.  I want people to take action after they hear me speak – and they do!  They turn their a-ha’s into business and life improving actions immediately.

I also understand the challenge of finding just the right speaker from the “other side.” In my prior professional roles, I planned and managed dozens of major international conferences and hundreds of small-but-crucial meetings. So I know first-hand how very important speaker selection can be. When it came down to it, if I booked great speakers who connected with the audiences and left them thrilled with their investment of time and money, the conference/meeting was a success. Period. And if I didn’t quite manage to “get it right” with my speaker selection, well… everything else didn’t much matter.

Like you, I found myself spending hours researching speakers, to make sure I had just the right fit. That’s what it always came down to – knowing my audience and who/what was going to be a great fit. And I’m still committed to that today. For me. And for you. When I speak with someone who’s planning a conference or a meeting, the primary question in my mind is “who is the best fit for them?” If that’s me – great. If it’s not, I’ll always recommend someone else (I have a great network of fellow speakers). You have my word on that.

Hopefully you already have a sense of my favorite topics, but please also know that I love to customize presentations/workshops, so feel free to let me know what you have in mind.  I’m always up for a new challenge!

And here are some sample comments I have been honored to receive:

Thank you for putting so much of yourself into this presentation!  Your passion for the topic was infectious, and I’m going to try some new things – starting tonight!”

“Methodical customized brilliance + OOOMPH.  You exceeded all of our expectations!”

“Loved it, even more than the last workshop (which I loved!). It showed me that I always have a choice.”

“Loved today!! Lots of good things to think about and act on.”

“We are so grateful for your presentation to our Core Management Team. It is not only that the content and format of your workshops that have been so well-received, but your very apparent devotion to helping people improve their experiences at work and at home.”  

“We really appreciated your coming out to present to our last cohort. They were fired up during the talk, and for quite a long time after.  Weeks later, they are still talking about the discussion and how they are attempting to implement the action plans you gave them. You did a great job!  Thank you so much!”

“Your workshop was so much fun, I forgot that I was at work and supposed to be learning something.  Please come back soon!”

“Thanks so much for the communication workshop.  We were really fortunate to have your expertise, and great way of working with the group.  Seldom is our team so absorbed that I have to remind them that it’s 4pm on a Friday, and they should go home.  We were talking about your workshop long after you left, and I know we’ll continue to reap the benefits.  Can’t thank you enough!” 

“I’ve been a member of this association for 5 years, and have attended every single event. You are hands-down, the best speaker we’ve had!”

“I can’t believe I’m walking out of here with two pages of detailed notes and a to-do list. AND I’m excited to do everything on it!”

“Smart, funny and real. Loved the whole presentation – beginning to end. Come back soon!”


Sample Video (Maybe Yes, Maybe No – Dealing with Uncertainty)


Want to talk about your upcoming conference, meeting or retreat, and how I can help? Please contact me.

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Irina has a gift that few have – the ability to truly listen. She has an innate ability to respond to a client’s needs almost imperceptibly. She could tell immediately what kind of mood I was in, where my mind was and what I wanted and needed to focus on.
C.S., Writer
I had no idea how much I would benefit from coaching with Irina. Not only has my business improved, but I am a better husband, father and happier man, as a result of our work together. Her wisdom, support and consistent pushing in the right direction gave me exactly what I needed to reach my goals and create more balance, confidence and success. This is one of the best investments I have ever made. The ROI far exceeded my expectations!
R.F., Management Consultant
Irina is a soul-stirrer. She uses her coaching talents to motivate, inspire and support. She is genuine and generous – pure love. Cannot thank her enough…
A.W., Television News Anchor
Irina has truly helped me change my perspective and my approach to work and life. I have come to fully embrace the reality that I am the captain of my own ship and am now confidently charting a positive course forward. I really appreciated Irina’s warm, supportive, yet honest and assertive approach. I felt I was in very good hands throughout my time with her, and was able to quickly establish a deep level of trust with her. I highly recommend her as a coach!
T.D., Administration Director
Irina completely changed my life. She sets such high expectations for her clients that you won’t want to let her – or yourself – down. She opened me up to new perspectives, challenged me, and held me accountable until I started to take steps to live more intentionally. Thanks to Irina, I have gained such momentum that I will never stop!
J.L., Administrator
Irina’s upbeat personality is contagious. She’s smart and creative with her coaching, and expertly moves from playful to serious, with great results.
L.W., Pharmaceutical Sales Director
I’m finally understanding what I want and going after it! I feel empowered and productive in a way that I haven’t for a really long time. Thank you!!!
K.G., Healthcare executive
The skills I learned with Irina will be invaluable in nearly all aspects of my life, and I wish I had thought to engage in the process before things got out of control. Bottom line: no matter where you are or what’s going on, working with Irina will help you be more deliberate and empower you with the skills of resiliency, compassion and honesty you’ll need when life throws you for a loop.
I.M., Director & VP, Higher Education
More balance, more confidence, more financial success and better relationships… I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!
J.T., VP of Financial Services Firm